30,000 per month; Rs 48 lakh in insurance coverage The crater’s exact location has been revealed.

The Air Force has released detailed information about the crater. The Agneepath project is open to people between the ages of 17 and 21. (complete agneepath salary information)

During his service, he will be paid a monthly salary of thirty thousand rupees. The insurance cover will be Rs 48 lakh in the event of death during the service period. In addition to the insurance coverage, the family will receive an additional Rs 44 lakh in financial assistance. During the service period, the Common Assessment Methodology will be used. Firefighters must carry out the duties assigned to them by the Air Force.

Awards and medals are due to eligible service. The blueprint also states that applicants must meet the medical requirements. The IAF also clarified that Agniveer’s appointment does not qualify him for permanent employment.

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has called a meeting of the country’s military chiefs ahead of the Agneepath project’s recruitment drive, which begins tomorrow. Rajnath Singh summoned Army Chief General Manoj Pandey, Navy Chief Admiral R Harikumar, and Chief of Air Staff Chief Marshal BR Chaudhary to a meeting. Ajay Kumar, the Defense Secretary, is also at Rajnath Singh’s residence for a meeting. Despite strong protests, Rajnath Singh called a second meeting of army chiefs in 24 hours.

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