Computer Tips and Tricks 2021

I have many good things for you. some good tips that everyone should know about using their computer. Some of these are specific to Windows. Some are just for any computer. Some have to do with browsers. it is quite interesting, Computer Tips and Tricks 2021, Computer Tips and Tricks 2021

Now that support for Windows 7 is over, most of the world has moved to Windows 10, most of the time alongside Microsoft 365 (which used to be called Microsoft Office 365).

Whether you’ve been using Windows 10 for a while or recently updated, there are plenty of tips and tricks to learn!

Keep in mind that Microsoft updates its software multiple times throughout the year with new apps, settings, and customization options, so be sure to check that your PC is up to date with the latest version of Windows 10.

Customize the start menu

The first thing you probably noticed with Windows 10 was the colorful and vibrant Start menu.

What was once a button at the bottom of the screen has become a full-screen experience with live “tiles” displaying images and even advertisements.

But did you know that you can customize it?

Press the Windows icon at the bottom of your screen and go to Start> Settings> Personalization> Start, to customize the look of your new environment.

You can choose which system folders you want to see on the left side, show recently added apps, rearrange and resize tiles, and much more. Here’s a good article that can give you all the essential details on how to customize the Windows Start menu!

Computer Tips and Tricks 2021

Don’t like the new Start menu?

If you prefer the above menu, head to Start> Settings> Personalization> Start and disable all buttons except “Show app list in Start menu” as shown below.

This will bring back the more familiar menu!

Right click and drag files and windows

Hopefully everyone already knows how to click and drag a file that you left-clicked and dragged to. You can activate a note. selecting text now obviously if you click and drag Another Folder and move it there, but did you know you can right click and drag files and windows? That’s right, I bet you’ve never tried it before. Computer Tips and Tricks 2020

what you do is just right click and hold in the same way you would left click and move it to another folder instead of immediately moving it. Actually, a context menu will appear with some options if you want to copy, move or create a shortcut. So this could be a lot easier than having to right click on each file by copying and pasting or even using keyboard shortcuts, this could be faster than all that and if you have other programs that copy and paste it should appear in the context menu as well . Very good trick.

Search Windows 10 quickly and easily

The search feature in Windows 10 is absolutely the most useful tool in the entire operating system. The search is no longer solely intended to help you find a missing file, it is also built into the system menus.

Click the search icon at the bottom left of your screen to get started. By default, the search window displays the top applications you use, as well as recent activities, so you can easily click on the programs and files you use the most.

Just start typing in the taskbar at the bottom of the search window and Windows will get what it needs.

If you want to quickly narrow your search by category, choose one of the 3 icons that appear in the upper left of the window, as seen below.

From left to right, you can guide Windows to search only in Applications, Documents, or the web.

Use Focus Assist to stay focused

They always interrupt us in our work. Notifications appear at random intervals to divert our attention from what we really need to do.

Focus Assist is here to keep you on track. Flip a switch and you’ll stop notifications, alerts and more from bothering you when you need to stay on the right track.

You can find Focus Assist in Settings> System> Focus Assist.

Nonstop software can be set to automatically turn on during certain hours, or you can turn it on manually when you’re presenting or sharing your screen, to avoid what can sometimes be embarrassing notifications that can appear.

You can also customize the priority of your notifications.

Some contacts will need to communicate no matter what you are focusing on. We have talked about the importance of setting up VIP on your phone and you can do something similar for your PC.

In the Focus Assist setting, select “Priority Only”. Below this option, you will see “Customize your priority list”, where you can select the important people and even the applications for which you want to receive immediate alerts.

Everything else will be put aside so you can focus on the tasks at hand.

Don’t worry, your Action Center will show you a summary of what you missed while Focus Assist was enabled when you’re ready to let your mind wander.

Keep those distractions under control!

A new smart mathematician “known as the Ramanujan Machine can reveal the hidden relationships between numbers.

Use multiple virtual desktops to manage projects.

If you only have one monitor, having multiple virtual desktops is a very useful feature!

Even if you have multiple monitors, juggling several different projects on the same computer can be challenging.

The Task View pane in Windows 10 allows you to add an unlimited number of virtual desktops quickly and easily. You can manage your virtual desktop view and move applications to different desktops, display windows on all desktops, or close pages on a selected desktop.

To add a virtual desktop, open the new Task View panel by clicking the Task View button (two overlapping rectangles) on the taskbar at the bottom of the screen, or by pressing Windows key + Tab.

You will see all the currently open tasks you are working on, but look at the top right of the screen and you will see + New desktop. Click + New Desktop to add your new “virtual desktop”.

To switch between virtual desktops, open the Task View pane and click the desktop you want to switch to. You can also quickly switch between the desktop without entering the Task View pane by using the Windows Key + Ctrl + Left Arrow and Windows Key + Ctrl + Right Arrow keyboard shortcuts.

Now you can quickly switch from one desktop to another to find all of your different projects and associated tasks!

Have you heard of the clipboard in the cloud?

Computer Tips and Tricks 2021

Here’s another feature that very few people take advantage of. It’s called Cloud Clipboard and it allows you to seamlessly copy and paste text, links, and images across multiple devices.

To open the cloud clipboard menu, press Windows key + V.

This will open the clipboard in the cloud, displaying previously trimmed and copied content, including text, HTML, and images less than 1MB in size.

Text copied to this clipboard history can also be shared across all devices that are connected to the same Microsoft account, as long as the text size is less than 100 kb.

To select a piece of content from the clipboard history, left-click on it. Then select paste from the drop down menu or press Ctrl + V and you can paste the selected content wherever you want.Computer Tips and Tricks 2021

Take advantage of the dark mode and night light.

Do you work late at night or early in the morning? Too bright a monitor can cause headaches and eyestrain.

Dark mode: In Settings> Personalization> Color, you can select “dark” as the default Windows and / or application mode. This darkens your bright white screen a bit, causing most Windows apps and functions to display white text on a black or gray background. You can play around with using this at different times of the day, to see what works for you.

Night Light: Now that we’re all on video calls like Zoom for most of the day, you might notice that when you sit upright in front of your huge monitor, all that white light shining off your face makes you look overexposed. Just go to Settings> System> Display and turn on “Night Light”. Night Light, a “blue light filter”, is designed to make your screen use warmer colors at night to help you sleep better and reduce eyestrain, but turning it on during the day will help you look MUCH better on those! colors! incessant! Video calls!

Amazing Windows Tips and Tricks 2020 (UPDATED) | You must know

What cool things can Windows 10 do? Windows 10 added many important new features that will make your job easier. There are many useful tips and tricks for Windows that you may not know about. Those who use a computer or laptop should know these tips and tricks. What are those, let’s see. Computer Tips and Tricks 2021


I think everyone knows how to shut down a computer. You can either shut down directly or press alt + f4 key to shut down the computer. This is the basic shutdown process. Let’s make the closing process interesting. You can simply swipe down and shut down the computer. It looks very nice and different.

Let’s see how we do it.

First right click on the desktop, then click on the shortcut and then type in this box

% windir% \ System32 \ SlideToShutDown.exe
and click next and click finish.

After clicking the end, a shortcut icon will be created. When you click on that icon, a window will appear as follows. If you open this window, your computer will shut down.

2.Software shortcut:

Your computer has some favorite software or applications that we use regularly. For that, we often go back to find the software or application and open it. But we can make a shortcut to these favorite apps and set a shortcut key for it. No need to search for shortcuts on your computer again. With a single click we can open our favorite application. How can we create this shortcut. Let’s see,

For any application hotkey you want to create, first search for this application, for example if you want to set a hotkey to excel, and then search for Excel in the Windows search box. Open the location of the Excel file by right clicking.

After opening the excel file location, go to properties by right clicking on it and then go to the shortcut as shown in the picture. In short key column you can set any letter or number or arrow key to make shortcut for this application. For example, I can set the letter “A” for the shortcut, alt + ctrl will appear first automatically. Now you can click Apply and click OK. Now your shortcut for Excel is ready. If you press alt + ctrl + A simultaneously, Excel will open. No need to go to search box and search for Excel and then open. It saves you time.

3.Command request tips:

I’m pretty sure you’ve used the command prompt at some point in your life if you’re a computer user. If you saw the command prompt, you can see that it is completely black and not transparent. So you can make the black screen completely transparent and you can change many command prompt settings. How? Let’s see,

Find the command prompt in the Windows search box and open it. You can see that the command prompt is not transparent. Open the properties by right-clicking on the top bar of the command prompt. Then go to colors and you can see that there is an option called “Opacity”. The default opacity is 100%, you can change it to 30% and then the command prompt will be transparent.
You can change more command prompt settings such as cursor size, font size and font color, layout, window size and window position, screen text color, screen background, popup text, popup background, and opacity.

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With the help of these great Windows 10 tips, you can simplify and make your work easier. Using these shortcuts can save your valuable time and secure your work.

I hope you liked this post, and if you liked share it with your friends.

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