test proctor jobs remote

Remote exam proctor job

Remote exam projector job

Remote exam proctor job, Best Opportunity to Work From Home Online assessment companies are the best tool for recruiting talent invigilators without geographical limitations. Any interested candidates please submit your resume immediately to info@queenofscience.comremote proctor jobs For more information, please contact us

We are looking for Exam Invigilator (Proctor) for one of our proudest clients in India. Location: Exam Invigilator (Projector) Location: India Job Type – We will pay monthly. Nationality: Must have a bank account in India. Job Description: Requirement – Minimum Qualification Degree. – Must have a system / laptop and be ready to work remotely. – Knowledge of basic computer skills. – Basic English proficiency. – Good communication skills. – Strong eye for details. – Active listener and attentive with good judgment skills. – Honest and dedicated to the job.


Applicants will be monitored remotely for online exams. His / her primary responsibility is to watch the live video of the given exam and to log in to check for any fraudulent or suspicious activities.

The remote exam projector is an integral part of our best class transfer organization, helping to ensure that our candidates who want to try it out can do it professionally and safely. You will be responsible for candidate readiness, exam postponement, and increased security. Work in a fast and professional setting to ensure the integrity of our testing services by projecting and managing computer-based testing experience under the best class model.

Remote exam proctor job Responsibilities

  • Support global activities with financial analysis tasks including cost forecasting, budgeting, month-end operations and analysis
  • Greet the candidate, comfort them and check the identity of the candidate
    Perform the following security checks:

    • Candidate – Ensure that the candidate has no illegal items
    • Environment – No safety hazards in the test environment
  • Provide the candidate with information about their exam: Exam time, # Intervals (duration), How / When Intervals, Approved Items
  • Communicate with the projector to ensure that all components required for check-in and security screening are complete
  • Confirm the Candidate’s Identity after handing over from Candidate Readiness Agent
  • Check that the correct exam has started for the correct candidate
  • Stop candidates easily and make sure they have a comfortable and flawless testing experience
  • Monitor the candidates while working through the exam
  • Communicate with required candidates at key points during test delivery; Candidates are available to answer questions and concerns during the exam
  • Identify suspicious activity and automatic alerts that occur when monitoring multiple candidates, and take necessary steps such as chatting, verbally speaking to the candidate, or handing the candidate over for security enhancement.
  • Manage the test area while maintaining working knowledge of policies, procedures, and procedures
  • Monitor individual and functional productivity, i.e. issue and implement changes in day-to-day operations to improve the number of candidates serving per hour, improve resolutions and quality, and reduce daily deferral costs.
  • Perform other assigned duties


  • Excellent attention to detail and organizational skills
  • Good decision making and strong decision making skills
  • Extraordinary verbal and written communication skills
  • Focus on a single task for a long time
  • Make decisions and aggravate problems as needed
  • Activity schedule; Must be able to work weekends or late shifts when needed

Salary Remote exam proctor job

Monthly base, Calculate the total hours you have worked. that we will t

Pay Type Hourly

What is remote proctoring

Remote monitoring allows students to take an assessment at a remote location while ensuring the integrity of the exam. These systems require students to confirm their identity and, during the exam, the system monitors students via video, looking for behaviors that may indicate cheating. In some cases, a human supervisor monitors the student remotely. Such systems provide assurance to institutions, individual faculty, and accreditors that remote testing is safe and reliable.

How remote proctor works

An online projector software constantly checks the identity of online test-takers while detecting and preventing academic malpractice. The device ensures multi-factor biometric authentication (face scan, ID scan, room scan) when logged in. Proctortrack also has a lockdown system that prevents students from accessing web browsers or other applications between tests.

Advantage of remote proctor

  1. Eliminates the need for exam center settings
  2. Eliminates the need and availability of physical projectors
  3. Advances the security and integrity of the advance exam due to automation.
  4. It reduces the hassle of traveling to remote examination venues and helps the candidates to write the exam in the comfort of their own homes.

Types of remote monitoring

  • Remote monitoring has three categories: live online monitoring, recorded monitoring, and advanced automatic monitoring.
  • Live online monitoring is where live proctors continuously monitor student activity through an online proctored exam.
  • Online test monitoring with proctortrack. Live monitoring services with AI enabled
  • Recorded monitoring is where screenshots, videos, and log data are recorded for later review.
  • Advanced automatic monitoring is where remote monitoring software detects suspicious activity, which supervisors can review later.

Growth and future of remote monitoring

Remote exam proctor job, Remote online monitoring is widely used by both the public and private sectors. More than 500 universities in the US consider remote monitoring a viable option. Consequently, schools and universities switch to user-friendly technologies for taking online exams. Because of this, remote monitoring is gaining favorable momentum in the global education sector.

test proctor jobs remote

remote online proctor jobs

test proctor jobs remote

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