sergio is writing an outline for an investigative report

Sergio is writing an outline for an investigative report. He starts with a bottom-line statement and then lists the description of his investigation and his findings. What should Sergio list next?

A. Costs and schedule
B. Problems and plans
C. Work completed and schedule
D. Conclusions and recommendations
Answer of sergio is writing an outline for an investigative report

Conclusions and Recommendations

Sergio next lists the conclusions and suggestions. Basically disclosure reports need conclusions. In some cases these are combined with instructions. Conclusion Enables you to strengthen the principle messages of the record. A conclusion summarizes the report as a whole giving indications of findings. or choices made throughout the procedure or the results of those findings or choices.
Conclusions and recommendations can be combine. or presented in lengthy reports in specific categories. If there are no recommendations as a result of the project, call this section Conclusions.
The Conclusions section summarizes the main points of your discussion. The essential features of your design, or the main results of your inquiry. Since its function is to round out the story of your project, it is:
Write to relate directly to the goals of the project described in the introduction Say how far the goals have been achieve Summarize key findings, results or information in your report Accept limitations and make recommendations for future work (where applicable) Highlight the importance or usefulness of your work.
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