Who is Carnage: All You Need to Know

Venom may be an anti-hero, a hideous beast that just eats bad people. In the Venom film universe, though, there are plenty of real villains. Venom battled riot, in his first appearance on television. In a sequel, a trailer midway into the credits hinted that Venom will have to battle another Spider-Man universe baddie.

Fans who waited for the Venom credits scene saw Eddie Brock, played by Tom Hardy, ride his motorcycle up to San Quentin prison for an interview with an inmate. This may be the big secret he exposed to his ex-fiancée Anne (Michelle Williams) at the film’s climax.

Brock encounters a red-headed Woody Harrelson there, who a guard tells the crowd is a serial murderer named Cletus Kasady, according to a guard.

Who is Cletus Kasady?

In the Spider-Man comics, Kasady is a thief. Kasday spends his time in jail, much as in the comic books, painting on the walls of his cell with his own blood. “There will be carnage when I get out of here,” Kasady warns Brock. Carnage will quickly become Kasady’s supervillain moniker, even though he doesn’t recognize it yet.

Who is Carnage?


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Fans of Spider-Man may remember the name: Carnage is one of the major villains that has fought Spidey (and the Avengers). Cletus mates with a symbiote called Carnage in the comics, much as Eddie did with a symbiote named Venom, with tragic results. Is there a serial murderer with supernatural abilities? That tends to be very frightening.

The relationship between Cletus and Carnage becomes a little tangled. Eddie Brock serves time in jail in the comics, and his cellmate is none other than Kasady. Venom has a child called Carnage while incarcerated. (In case you were curious, he reproduces asexually.) Venom keeps it a secret from Eddie, and the two of them manage to break free from prison. Carnage binds with Cletus after they’ve left.

When Eddie meets Cletus in the Venom film, it’s unknown if Carnage and Cletus have already formed a bond. During Eddie’s visit to the prison, Venom may spawn an embryo, which will later worm its way into Cletus’ cell.

Where did Carnage start?

Since the space symbiote first appeared in Incredible Spider-Man #300 in 1988, he had already made a name for himself – or rather, for himself. Because of this, Marvel wanted to use more symbiote monsters, and Carnage, created by writer David Michelinie and artists Erik Larsen and Mark Bagley, debuted in 1992’s Incredible Spider-Man #360. The combined form of serial slaughterer Cletus Kasady and an offspring of Venom was created when the sprog was left in his cage, and was created to be a darker character than even Venom (who has become more of an anti-hero in his time and is definitely the villain in his solo films).

What are Carnage’s capabilities?

To put it plainly, Carnage is a more deadly version of Venom, having comparable strength, stamina, and pace. He can fire his tendrils as bullets and use them as arms. He also has a high healing component, which is good for his reigns of terror. He’s still totally psychopathic, and he’s not afraid to go to any extent to accomplish his nefarious objectives.

He’s not a fan of flames, and he’s vulnerable to sonic weapons (though not to the same degree as Venom).

Who else has developed a friendship with Carnage?

Cletus Kasady isn’t the only one who has been enslaved by the Carnage symbiote. In the books, we’ve had Spider-Carnage (pictured above) and Cosmic Carnage.

So, what was Maximum Carnage?

For the case known as Maximum Carnage, one of the most important plots featuring the character crossed many Marvel Spidey titles. Shriek, a Spidey clone named Doppelganger, demonic monster Demogoblin, and death-dealer Carrion were among the characters who allied with the red menace. They essentially took over New York City, murdering a large number of civilians and necessitating the involvement of a large number of heroes to save them.

Did Carnage ever die?

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Carnage’s tendrils had extended through many titles and plots, and there was fear in 2004 that he had been overexposed. Robert Reynolds (AKA Sentry) ripped him in two and left him to die in space’s icy vacuum. Carnage came back in 2010 with several stories, including one in which he’s depicted as a hero, showing that no one ever dies in comic books. Spidey had to take down the Red Goblin after he bonded with Norman “Green Goblin” Osborn in one famous storyline.

Venom vs Carnage

Carnage is more strong than Venom, due to the fact that he is hosted by a psychopathic serial murderer rather than an ambitious young journalist. Spider-Man persuades Venom to join an uneasy coalition in order to track down Carnage in the comics.

Carnage will most likely be the big baddie if Venom gets a sequel, which will depend on whether the film will withstand mediocre critical reception and still dominate the box office.

What role does Spider-Man play?

It’s uncertain the Venom will enlist Peter Parker’s assistance in bringing Carnage down. Marvel Studios and Sony have signed an agreement to share Spider-rights. Man’s In those words, the two studios would be able to collaborate on standalone Spidey films starring Tom Holland. Holland may also appear in Marvel Studios films such as Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War.

In the meantime, Sony will continue to expand the Spider-Man world with films such as Venom and Black Cat. But for the time being, the universe is devoid of its central figure. Both studio heads have confirmed that Holland’s Spider-Man would not be featured in Sony’s growing slate of films. Venom would not even discuss Spider-Man. In reality, Venom’s cinematic universe may be empty of superheroes entirely, with only super-powered parasites.

In the comic books, Carnage is more powerful than even Riot, so Venom will have his hands full battling Carnage on his own in the sequel. Anne will bear a symbiote without suffering disastrous effects, according to a brief scene in Venom. Maybe Venom will be able to replicate again, Anne will be able to combine with the new symbiote, and the two will be able to defeat Carnage together.

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